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      About Us

Welcome to cut out img ltd.

Cut Out IMG is one of the world’s leading e-commerce, image editing service providers. Equipped with a highly skilled team of 20+ designers, we are always here to provide you with any kind of commercial product photo editing service. We use 100% professional tools to edit an image. We will correct the image color of a bad quality image, increase its flame and make it shine. Our experts will give you enough time to edit your images. So let’s start with the free test.

Image Masking ServiceImage Masking Service

Why Choose The Cut out IMG

Our clients are satisfied with our work. Because we don’t talk big, we believe in making big. Below are some of the reasons for choosing our service.

8 Years of Experience​​

In addition to our skilled graphic designers, we have been providing our clients with the best photo editing techniques for over 8 years. We will guide you on how to stay afloat in the editing market and earn more than ever.

Discount on Bulk Volume

We arrange discounts in all cases. If you order more files from us, we will give you a great discount. We will also complete your work at an affordable price. So that you can benefit from getting our services.

Quality Control​​

To ensure any image editing solution, we provide guaranteed quality assurance for each image of our clients. Our professional team check each file more than once to control the quality of work and avoid any problems.

100% Data Safety

We also ensure the safety of you and your work. We perform tasks with client protection in mind. I keep all your information safe so that it is not leaked. That is why our clients trust us.

Fastest Turnaround​

Our experts examine and edit an image well. Too many stars can ruin the image quality. We will deliver to you quickly according to your needs while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Our Some Services

Make your photographs and product images attention grabbing in any shape or form. We will present you with a clear and sharp image.As a photo editing company we bound to provide premium quality service at a competitive price for all categories.

Clipping Path Service

The clipping path service is basically the process of removing an image from the background and replacing it with transparency. Clipping Path Services can be very helpful for marketing purposes, creating graphics and logos and much more! If you are interested in learning more about this process and how we work, please read below.

Clipping Path ServiceClipping Path Service
Image MaskingImage Masking

Image Masking Service

Have you ever wanted an image to delete all clear backgrounds? You don’t want all these soft and sharp edges in your photos, do you? If so, this is the right service for you. Image masking services can help improve your images by removing unwanted objects and parts of the image. Also no photo background needs to be replaced but we will provide smooth fur and hair mask mixed with your image.

Background Removal Service

Image Background Removal Service Replacing a white background by removing the background from a photo. Want a perfect photo for you personally or for your e-commerce services? Then you are in the right place. If you want to know more about our service then click on the link below to see our service pages.

Background Removal ServiceBackground Removal Service
Gost Mennnequin ServiceGhost Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost Mannequin is basically what you use to display costumes. We can show your clothes an integrated display of your clothes to customers. This is great if you want to make sure you change your style with different colors and prints! Do you want to update your Mannequin? We can help! To know more about this service please read below.

Photo Retouching Service

Photo Retouching are highly experienced at removing those little details that can distract from the beauty of a photo, such as glare in the wrong place, red eyes, or skin blemishes. Below are just a few samples of what we can do.

Photo RetouchingPhoto Retouching

Work with a Dedicated Image Editing Company

At Cut Out IMG, we strive to be the best editor of visual content in the world. Reliability, efficiency and quality are the core values of our organization and we strive to maintain them.

See Our Sample Works

Check out a portfolio of work from our post-production team that will help us demonstrate our designer’s ability and ability to provide high-quality pre-press image editing services. A great image is driven by artistic ideas by adopting a broad approach that solves problems.

Clipping Path Service
Photo Retouching
Jewelry Retouching
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Color Correction Service
Clipping Path Service
Shadow Service
Ghost Mannequin Service
Ghost Mannequin
Model Retouching

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